is a saxophonist, singer, composer and producer from Seoul, Korea.

His music fuses a background in jazz + a love affair with techno + an astute awareness of post-internet aesthetic. DISQO VOLANTE's unique style has been described as a cross of Prince, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Frank Zappa, all of whom he cites as important personal influences.

His 2018 release "Yellow Fervor" has been received to excited and intrigued reviews at home and abroad from publications such as Korean Indie and The Electricity Club, meriting descriptions such as "unmistakable for anyone else," "a fascinating mix of East meets West over synths and sax," and perhaps DISQO's proudest review, "for the crazy genre blends and uses of seemingly incongruous modes of instrumentation, DISQO VOLANTE deserves an award, or a straitjacket, or something!"

He has collaborated with Seoul-based electrorock band Love X Stereo on their 2017 release "Parallel Universe," and performs live regularly.


DISQO VOLANTE mando clothing with tokimonsta at flash DC
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Yellow Fervor Promo Flash Drive

This is a special promotional copy of Yellow Fervor, which includes the album in high-quality encoding and photos by Wilson Herlong of some of the very first performances of this music!


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