bad habits

there's such a luxury of comfort in doing things that are habitual. these things shape us, become a part of our aesthetic, reflect our personal vision. even when they're bad. especially when someone else tells us they're bad, and we don't believe them. 

as a musician, i run into being told of my "bad habits" all the bloody time. usually the commentaries come in the form of "not good enough," "too much of this, that or the other," "unattractive," etc. 

there's a lot of benefit to being self-aware, self-correcting, and evolutionary towards the best version of oneself. sometimes moderation is necessary.

but don't forsake the very things that make you unique, simply for the sake of satisfying someone else's agenda. i saw an interview with one of my all-time heroes (no pun intended), david bowie, and it's stuck with me. never play to the gallery, he says. never work for other people.

sometimes it's good to be bad.