or "blur," in japanese. take a photo just right and all the distracting bits in the background turn into these lovely swirls of light. it's a beautiful effect, in the right hands (not necessarily mine). only trouble with it is sometimes it's so pretty, you focus more on how well you've managed to blur out the things you didn't want in the first place, and less on what it was you wanted to bring into sharp contrast. 

i was thinking about how this applies to music. someone played midi matilda's 'tidal wave' for me in the car as we were driving around hunting for pokemon. it totally rearranged the contents of my head. made me realise i was lovingly cultivating the bokeh in my own work, and letting the subject wither and die.

when i get really invested in a project, i always have to remind myself to keep stepping back, keep focusing on the subject. but going at it solo is tough. i start getting really pleased with my bokeh. 

i'm really, really glad of the reminder to keep my ears open.